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Monday, June 23, 2008

New Art Fest in Morristown on St. Lawrence River
Mary Ann Evans, of Mare's Wares Pottery (3938 State Hwy 37, Morristown) and the Artisans of the River Valley are hosting an informal Art Fest with artisans from all over coming to share in the celebration of hand crafted goods on Tuesday, July 1.
On a Tuesday, you might ask .. what's that all about??? Well, it's Canada Day, to begin with .. and with Mare's incredible location right on the highway, all she has to do is just sit there, and people stop and buy .. and Canadians more often than not.
Mare's been in the location long enough to know that many St. Lawrence River year 'round and summer residents often take this week off for the July 4th holiday and are already running around looking for something to do. So ... here we are - your something to do!!
Mare has rented a 20' x 30' tent and hired a band to put beneath it; the Bedrock Cafe is catering with a great menu, including a couple of vegetarian choices; there'll be anywhere from 15 to 25 or so artisans set up all over the property selling their wares and having a ball doing it (folks are still signin' on for the day).
We have no idea what to expect, but flyers have been flying ... around Wellesley Island, down in Clayton and Alexandria Bay, in and around Morristown, Ogdensburg, Canton, Potsdam, and in Canada as well. If the weather cooperates, I think it's going to be an event to remember.

Nadia, if you're around the area, stop in!! Ciao for now,

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