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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Economic Downturn in Vegas Indicates Visitors More Likely To Vacation Closer to Home
"Executives (in Vegas) worry this recession could be different from the last two - in 1990-91 and 2001 - when consumer spending was propped up by easy credit. Now credit is drying up. And high gas and food prices, declining home values and rising unemployment are keeping many Americans closer to home." The Gazette, Montreal, Friday, May 9, 2008. Article by Clifford Kraus originally published in NY Times.

Associate Adirondacks to Your Product or Shop to Appeal to Broadest Audience
Businesses can change their keywords on their websites and in their advertising to appeal to the most visitors traveling to the Adirondack North Country. To maximize the appeal to the broadest audience, for businesses or communities located in or near the Adirondack region, it is important to include terms identifying their relationship to the Adirondacks as well as what is unique to the business or community.

As an example, the just released market study executed by Longwoods International for the Lake Placid/Essex County Visitor's Bureau indicates that potential visitors show more interest in the image the term Adirondacks conotates than the image of the Olympics that Lake Placid presents. As a result of the study, Lake Placid will most likely include descriptive terms about the Adirondacks in its marketing copy as well as the descriptive terms describing the community to appeal to the broadest audience. The 2,000 surveyed for the market research were from the Northeast.
Out of 50 possible motivators, the ones most likely to commit visitors to coming to the region were family atmosphere, exciting activities, worry-free visit, unique and sightseeing. Again, if your business or community uses these descriptive terms indicating those are found at your location, it will more likely appeal to the broadest audience. The complete Longwood Market Research 600 page pdf is posted at http://lakeplacidmedia.com/generalPDFs.cfm?category=longwoods. Public presentation, Lake Placid, May 8, report by Korths

New Artisans Group Forms Along the St. Lawrence River
The first Studio Tour for this new group from the Morristown/Ogdensburg area is scheduled for August 16 and 17, 2008 at 7 to 9 locations. Debra Monteith, painter, is the main driving force. Others being contacted or already involved are Mary Ann Evans, potter; June Ross, Ethel Slocum, painter; Melanie Connor, lampwork, jewelry; Wayne Brown, iron sculpture; Don Morley, duck decoys; Marty Snye, John Miller, miniature painted canoe paddles; Sally and Kyle Hartman, Ladies First Gallery of Art; Steve Chambers, Steve Kroeger, Slyvie Kring, Jack Taylor, Tim Tiernan, glass works; and John Morrow. FMI: contact Deb Monteith at 315.375.4869 or at
dmonteith@hotmail.com. Email from Karan Cross, The Wild Inside, 1.28.2008.

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