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Monday, July 17, 2006

Nonprofit Retail Stores/Gallery Sales Survey Due 20th

Hello CODA members and friends,

This is a final reminder/plea to ask for your help in analyzing nonprofit retail stores/galleries. We will close the survey one week from today, July 20, 2006. Please take a few minutes to fill in your information. THANKS

Nonprofit Retail Store Profile Survey link: http://www.codacraft.org/pages/news/retail_survey/retail_survey.asp

Dear Colleagues,

How are your retail sales these days? Feeling the pinch of higher gas prices, changes in institution traffic, or big box competition? Do you really know how your operation compares to its peers?

So much research and reference material exists about for profit gallery and gift shop retail sales, but there is little comparison of nonprofit gallery, gift and museum shops. Here is an opportunity to benchmark your craft focused organization’s retail operation against collegial groups around the country.

The Retail Store Profile developed by Society for Contemporary Craft in Pittsburgh and facilitated by the Craft Organization Development Association will let you know where you stand among your nonprofit peers.

The information collected will be shared in spreadsheet style with the survey participants and released publicly only in aggregate with no organization information. This way you can immediately do the math to retrieve information in the survey that is of interest to you, or you can wait for the aggregate results of our industry to be released by CODA.

I encourage you to take a few moments to complete the nonprofit store survey so that we may all improve our knowledge about retail operations in our sector and continue to build flourishing enterprises in support of our missions.

Wishing us all the best success,

Julie Farr

Executive Director

Society for Contemporary Craft

Linda Van Trump
Managing Director
Craft Organization Development Association


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