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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

November 3, 2010 - Wholesalecrafts.com Reports October 2010 Sales Results: All-Time Record Breaking High

 Wholesalecrafts.com, the premier web service for sourcing American and Canadian made crafts, reports October 2010 sales results an all-time record breaking high, with the largest dollar amount and number of orders ever placed online in a single month.

Total online orders placed by retailers to artists through Wholesalecrafts.com's shopping cart for October 2010 came in at $446,977, a 13.96% increase over last year, and a 12.09% increase over the previous recorded high in September 2008. The total number of orders placed online was 1,841, a 5.44% increase over last year, which at that time was the highest number of orders ever recorded in a single month from the Wholesalecrafts.com web site.

"This is very exciting news," said Nancy Vince, President, Wholesalecrafts.com, Inc. "We have been focused on personally contacting retailers to remind, assist and recruit them to the benefits of using Wholesalecrafts.com, and these sales figures prove that buyers are heavily relying on our online service for their holiday shopping." Vince continued, "With this pattern continuing and over $3 million in total sales for the year already recorded, we are well on our way to breaking our highest annual sales record this year, which currently stands at $3,121,063 set back in 2008."

Wholesalecrafts.com reports "up-to-the-second statistics" on their site, which can be accessed by its members. The site reports total sales, number of orders, and number of inquiries made to artists. It is estimated that only 30% of retailer transactions are placed through their online shopping cart; the rest bypass their system by placing phone, fax or email orders directly with the artists. Considering this fact, it is more likely that artists receive $1 - 2 million in total sales revenues each month from the online marketplace provided by Wholesalecrafts.com.

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