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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Shipping Containers Triple in Cost in Last Year and A Half

Another sign that product made regionally is becoming more and more competitive in the global economy...

Doug Green, president of Green Design Furniture in Portland, ME, invented a fastener-free assembly system for making high-quality furniture in 1991. The patented system uses a series of precision-engineered self-locking joints cut directly into the wood parts, which eliminates the use of screws and glue. ...

He says changes in industry dynamics are what prompted a series of calls from interested companies.
"Essentially, what's changing in the furniture world is that the industry is in turmoil. Foreign competition has led to manufacturing going overseas. When you talk to industry experts, it turns out that the cost of doing business overseas is not as great as they'd hoped. The cost of shipping containers has tripled in the last year and a half, and then there is damage to the product in the shipping process."

From the NewsDesk, p10, August 2010, www.woodshopnews.com

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