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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Studio Promotional Events from the Hudson Valley

The Art Times - such a great publication! I discovered these two little gems of promotional event ideas that could easily be adopted in this region.

"Helen Schofield celebrated her 80th birthday by showing her work in her studio. Tired of "playing the gallery game" she set each of four weekends with a theme: Portrait Retrospective, Full Moon Celebration, Gathering, and Left Over Sale.

Nine/Nine at Clove Creek Studio in Saugerties, NY. Owner Fay Wood and husband Skip gathered eight artists and sculptors (plus Fay) to participate in this nine-day event. Each day a different artist would hold a demonstration, offer a lecturer, or invite a performer. FMI, www.faystudio.com and to see images and videos of the show, www.faywoodstudio.blogspot.com. The Art Times, from either March/April or July/August issues

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