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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

$25 on the 25th" Buy From Local Merchants Campaign

Local giftshop and studio owners can participate in the $25 on the 25th Campaign by downloading banners and logos for shop windows. This campaign, sponsored by the New York Press Association, encourages local businesses to create special shopping incentives for the day.

"New York's independent businesses are the heart and soul of this state, and the New York newspaper industry is doing everything it can to stand behind our small businesses," said Michelle Rea, executive director of the New York Press Association. "Twenty-five dollars may not seem like a lot to spend, but it can make a real difference for a Main Street merchant. Community newspapers across the state already are working with mayors, shop-owners, and business associations about making September 25th a significant shopping day in New York State. So spread the word."

Sponsored by the New York State Conference of Mayors, the New York Press Association and the New York State Economic Development Council, the "$25 on the 25th" campaign will be repeated if successful.
Adirondack Daily Enterprise, 9.18.2010

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