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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sara Pfau's Lake Silhouette Pendants Featured in Adirondack Life
"Beyond mere navigational tools, maps have always had a near-mystical pull on the psyche... Sara Pfau, a 24-year-old jewelry designer and metal artist with strong family ties to the North Country, has found that her pendants in the shapes of Adirondack lakes have had a similar effect on people." Pfau has already made pendants of Lake George, Schroon Lake, Lake Placid, and Cranberry and Brant Lakes. She also designs cuff links, brooches, bracelets and money clips. http://www.sarapfau.com/. Adirondack Life, July/August 2008, p. 98.

Modern Hip Use for Small Packbasket
Someone already making packbaskets should consider testing the following version as a product line. Two weeks ago in Saranac Lake, I saw a woman who was carrying a packbasket handbag with a strap long enough to be placed diagonally across the chest with the basket comfortably sitting on the side of the hip. The three that she bought had been made on a whim by a hobbyist. They were beautiful.

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