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Friday, March 10, 2006

Montreal Exhibit Covers 50 Years of Quebec Craft History

This past weekend I discovered the Museum of Masters and Artisans of Quebec. The museum setting - a neogothic church with wonderful interior wooden support arches - is within a five minute walk of the Du College metro in the northern St. Laurent neighborhood.

The exhibit 50 Years of History features some 50 works that have been submitted to the Traditional Crafts Annual Pre Christmas Show held in Montreal. Great way to see the impact of trends and styles and to discover the evolution of the show's organizers and the show itself over a 50 year history. Their annual show, open to craftspeople from outside Quebec, received a crowd of 200,000 last year. To find out more, visit www.metiers-d-art.qc.ca. The exhibit, one of five, ends March 13.


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