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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Corner Stone Gift Shop, Wilmington, moves two doors down

Marjorie Swift (MA Swift Originals, aka The Bug Bonnet Woman) is delighted to have found a new home, two doors down from its previous location at the main intersection next to the Candy Man, for the Corner Stone Gift Shop at the Mountain Brook Lodge, 5712 Rte. 86 in Wilmington. The new lodge owners, Alicia and Al Armstrong, wished to keep the lodge gift shop open so when Majorie walked in a few weeks ago and they started talking about the Corner Stone needing a new location, well, things happened. Alicia and Marjorie are now co-managing the shop with some of the original Corner Stone guild members also staffing the shop periodically. The gift shop includes a sitting area large enough to host booksigning and music events. Stop by to meet the new owners and visit the shop.

With the new location of the Corner Stone Gift Shop at the Mountain Brook Lodge where the owners are easily able to staff the shop, Marjorie looks forward to getting back into full swing production because, in addition to her already established wholesale accounts, Adirondack Life has recently contracted with Marjorie to sell her bug bonnets with their logo embroidered on them. Marjorie is appreciative of Adirondack Life's earlier role in growing MA Swift Originals when in 1992 they wrote an article about her bug bonnet business. Orders came in year after year from that one article.

Marjorie also hopes to reactivate the Wilmington Farmers Market this summer. The new location on the river in Heritage Park next to the Methodist Church is protected and scenic. Contact Marjorie at 518.946.7642, mas7642@yahoo.com or at POB 555, Wilmington NY 12997 for more information.


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