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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Photos from the ANCA Group Booth at the Western New York Gift Show

Orchard Park Music
Underwood Herbs
Nostalgic Impressions

Adirondack Food Specialities was also represented. Thanks to Scott Adams, www.orchardbeat.com for emailing these photos.

Though all took in orders at the show Feb. 5 to 8, this year showed a decrease in order writing from last year which had shown a slight decrease from the year before. Three out of the four took in enough orders to make 2 to 3 times the expenses of the show. It is quite likely that these vendors will not attend the WNY Winter Gift Show next year because of the continued decrease in traffic and order writing the last two years.

They are all planning on attending the wholesale show being organized by the owners of North Country Books and Up North Trading and one other partner scheduled for July 17-19 at the Turning Point Casino in Verona, NY. Vendors who have attended Buyer Days the last two years will be receiving Turning Point Casino Show applications in the mail shortly. Those interested in the ANCA sponsored group booth at the July 17-19 show, contact Nadia at korths@northnet.org or 518.891.1632.


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