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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Acorn Designs Introduces Mini Journals

Media Contact
Steve Sierigk
Acorn Designs
800 299 3997
March 5, 2010

Acorn Designs Introduces Mini Journals. In keeping with our other eco-friendly paper products these are 100% post-consumer recycled!

Our new Mini Journals are priced right and are entirely made in New York!

Trumansburg, NY - Acorn Designs announced today the release of its new Mini Journals at the 24th annual Buyer Days. These are the latest and smallest incarnation of our popular journal lines. Acorn Designs has produced eco-friendly paper products since 1981 and has sold to stores around the country that include nature imagery. Our new Mini Journals are sized just right, and priced affordably.

"I created this product because I wanted customers to have access to environmentally-friendly products at very affordable prices" explains Steve Sierigk, owner of Acorn Designs. "Our products have the highest quality art and papers with special attention given to the natural environment. In fact the 100% post-consumer recycled paper is sourced right within our home state of NY. All manufacure of these journals also happens right here!"

"We represent the artwork of over 20 nature artists so the offerings are quite diverse and have something for everyone from fine botanicals to more whimsical fare! These have been so popular that we are in the midst of designing the next 20 images for release later this spring!"

By attending Buyer Days on March 31 and April l in Saratoga Springs, giftshop, lodging and eatery owners can see in person the works of Acorn Designs as well as those of many other regional artisan-producers. Shopowners, lodging owners and chefs who know the importance of the story in making sales, have the time to absorb the story in person from the makers at the show.

The two day show provides a great opportunity to freshen displays, whether store shelving, room accessories or menu listings, with new product. Attend Buyer Days to view 1000s of competitively priced product lines all made in the region. View the new product and show specials online at the Buyer Days page at AdkNCcrafts.com.

Steve Sierigk is the founding artist and owner of Acorn Designs. He is still producing art for Acorn but takes great pride in working with many great artists to produce the Acorn line. All Acorn products are accompanied by descriptive text to add a nice final touch to the product. You can visit their website at www.acorndesigns.org.

Acorn Designs
5066 Mott Evans Road
Trumansburg, NY 14886
Phone......(607) 387-3424
Toll-free....(800) 299-3997
e-mail... info@acorndesigns.org
web... www.acorndesigns.org

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