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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Brewerton Collaboration, House Sales Increase

Art Festival and Tag Sale Collaboration in Brewerton
Ginny, from Oneida Lake Artisans & The Brick House Cafe in Brewerton at the west end of Oneida Lake, continues to build on events which include collaboration with other small businesses and community ; ie., the following 4th annual Art Festival ....

"This Saturday from 9-4

***Our 4th Annual Art Festival with lots of Central NY artists! At the shop, on the lawn, enjoy meeting the artists & collecting some of their=2 0work!
***TAG SALE along Main St. Many businesses and some residents will be participating, from Bartel Road all the way to Rte. 49 in Central Square! It's an adventure!" Excerpt from July 27th e-news, Oneida Lake Artisans & the Brick House Cafe

Finally - Sales of New Homes Increase in June Nationwide
With the region's second home owners generating so much of the economy's income, building and retail trade businesses should be pleased to see that new home sales are finally on the increase as of June. Many of the regional businesses in these sectors have been slow since mid fall 2008. The Commerce Department states that new home sales increased by 11 per cent in June, 8 more than analysts expected, but still down 21% from June 2008. Median new home prices continue to fall, decreasing from $232,100 a year ago to $206, 200. The Gazette, July 28, 2009, p. B6, reporter Jack Healy, New York Times


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