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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Artisans and Giftshops Can Use 2008 Visitor Survey Results

From August 15 to October 15, 2008, 300 visitors provided insights as to why they come and what they enjoy in the region. All the comments as to what they enjoy the most are posted in the appendix of the Adirondack North Country Scenic Byways Market Trend Assessment at http://adirondackscenicbyways.org/info-for-partners.html.

Take the time to at least skim through the survey results because they will help to reinforce and/or redirect some of your marketing efforts. The visitor comments are a gem of a resource for those artisans and giftshop owners who update their website content to include keywords and tags which appropriately associate their product with the primary whys and whats that draw visitors to the region.

For example, the reason most respondents found their visit to the Adirondack North Country region memorable, was driving through the area and enjoying the scenery, views of lakes, forests, and mountains. So if an artisan sells product lines which feature the above, those words can be included in the online product copy to improve the chances of the page appearing when people search the web with these images in mind.

For those artisans and giftshop owners who are debating which product lines to develop and/or purchase for resale, reading the survey findings may help solidify the decision as to what to order and/or concentrate on.

For example, the next most important reason their visit to the region was memorable was: recreation (gentle activities), wildlife viewing, and adventure (more challenging activities). This indicates that a product line that features something like a kayak with moose in background is likely to sell.

The Adirondack North Country Association contracted with Holmes & Associates who directed the survey research and reporting and Fuller Communications assisted ANCA with project development and interpretation of the findings.



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