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Friday, January 09, 2009

Customer Tastes Have Not Changed - Ability to Indulge Has!

"By and large, the recession doesn't change their (your customers') tastes - just their ability to indulge their tastes."

Read more at http://buyersmarketblog.typepad.com/marketinsider/ January 7th, 2009 entry:
2nd article titled Challenge #1
For whom are you creating your products, and how are your customers' shopping habits affected by the current economy? What are they willing to spend for?

Market Insider is a publication of The Rosen Group, the producer of the Philadelphia Buyers Market of American Craft and the publisher of AmericanStyle, a magazine for art collectors and travelers, and NICHE, a trade magazine for retailers of fine craft. See www.AmericanCraft.com. Market Insider is written by Jean Thompson, The Rosen Group's director of circulation, marketing and public relations, with help from contributors and staff.


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